Clinic Hours

Monday to Friday
7:30 am to 5:30 pm


Pharmacy Hours

Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 5:30 pm


Lab Hours

Now at the Dominion Centre
55 Marion Street

X-Ray Hours

Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm


My family member has mobility issues. Is the Clinic wheelchair accessible?

Yes, St. Boniface Clinic is wheelchair accessible. Washroom facilities are also available to accommodate wheelchairs.


Do you have a wheelchair we can use?

There are several wheelchairs available in the Clinic for patient use. Please report to your doctor’s office and they will direct you to them. At this time we are unable to accommodate stretchers in the clinic.


Do you have a walk-in clinic on site?

We do not operate a walk-in clinic at this time.


What is an uninsured service?

An Uninsured Service is a service provided by the physician that is not covered by Manitoba Health.


What type of payments do you accept?

Clinique St- Boniface Clinic accepts cash, cheque or Visa. Physicians may request payment at the time the service is provided.


Where can I make a payment?

Payments may be made in the Clinic at the 1st Floor Centre section. Alternatively, cheques may be mailed to us; we ask that you do not send cash through the mail. Visa payments are also accepted by telephone. Please see our Billing Department in the Resources dropdown for contact information.


What Services are not covered by Manitoba Health?

Some common Uninsured Services are medical reports and exams requested by employers, insurance forms, medico-legal reports, transfer and access of medical records, sick notes, aviation/driver medicals, immunizations and exams for travel.

A patient will be required to pay for their doctor visit if they do not have valid Manitoba Health coverage, coverage from another province (please note Quebec does not particulate in inter-provincial cross-funding) or a 3rd Party such as Blue Cross, International Student coverage, Immigration.

What if I do not have valid Manitoba Health coverage?

You should contact Manitoba Health to see if you are eligible for coverage. You can call them at (204) 786-7101 or toll free at (800) 392-1207, or visit their website at


Is parking available at St. Boniface Clinic?

Parking is available on-site. There are two pay terminals, one at the entry to the parking lot and another by the entryway to the clinic. At this time cash only is accepted (loonies and toonies). The lot is managed by Impark, please direction your questions or concerns to them directly at 204-943-3578.


Will I be seen by Residents in the Clinic?

At times, you may be seen by a resident working with your physician. Patients seen by these residents will have their care discussed with their family physician at all times.  We as physicians appreciate the willingness of most patients to involve a student in their care and believe it will continue to be a positive experience!